Sunday, October 31, 2010

Luke ,C.D cover discription

ROCK AND ROLL , Is the genre that my c.d will be focused on .It will be featuring some of the earlier renown bands of the rock and roll / almost heavy metal . A almost pub ,road rock and roll type . (A.D.C.D,Rose tattoo ,Black sabbath, Guns n roses,)An era untoward itself .

I will take to with , BLACK , some illustrations will be involved , skulls , ladies, flames , guitars .The packaging has not yet been decided . It needs to be easy to use , lyrical. and catchy .i like the traditional fold outs as well as booklet type additions , but am looking for something different , eg. fold open heavy card opening pages , with a drop down bi -folding ,adjoining pages , covered with illustration and lyrics ,(Then again maybe time consuming to put away ,Maybe which has been done before , a poster on the back of the fold out in which the avid music supporter might like to place on his wall.All ideas for process to take over .

So I think catching the genre with symbols that go alongside with the current and forever lasting rock and roll lifestyle , such as sculls , the feminine image something that will really rock out to the eye and stand alone , away from other culture which it does within itself.
Referring to the black and white , got any blacker cop out can be an easy out , yet again it can create quite the catchy outlook if used properly ,which I will be trying hard to accomplish , but again am not forcing out the use of colour. If i can create real mystical type of feel with a manipulated blue or a purple , Evan some flame colouring to accentuate the illustrations within the covering and overall process .

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